Listen! Your dog is telling you, "Human, buy a Doghoztoyz for me!" Retired fire hose is repurposed into interactive tug and fetch dog toys. Whatever toy you choose, it will be tough enough for fun!

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About Custom Projects

Custom products are available on request, in limited quantities. I created this section for a number of reasons: a limited production toy for a exceptionally destructive dog; a request to personalize a toy (example: with the dog's name or some modification of a regular stock item); or maybe something, made from retired fire hose, that are not even toys. 

This section will showcase in some cases, "structural fire hose", hose that measures 2" or more, retired from structure fire or "supply line" use. Please know that although this hose has been dragged through burning buildings, it has not been used in hazmat incidents. That hose is not even made available to me.

As always, I'm not going to put something up on this page that is totally untested and I don't feel will hold up to "supervised interactive tug and fetch play". 

Please contact me at for questions, requests, etc.

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  • Graham's Ring built with double layer fire hose
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