Listen! Your dog is telling you, "Human, buy a Doghoztoyz for me!" Retired fire hose is repurposed into interactive tug and fetch dog toys. Whatever toy you choose, it will be tough enough for fun!

Happy dog showing off his Tugger's Ring
Tugger's Ring on top roll of retired fire hose
Chocolate Lab showing off his Tugger's Ring

Tugger's Ring toy built with retired fire hose

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Just because a "Tugger's Ring” is easy to carry, and your dog can show off with it, that doesn't mean it isn't tough enough for fun! Toss and fetch or "tug of war" fun with your dog is just a ring away!

Tugger's Ring toy made in the USA, with retired fire hose, saving the planet by recycling and saving your sanity by not constantly replacing interactive toys. It is about 8 inches diameter, with squeakers sewn into the toy in compartments. (So the toy will not be a"perfect circle".) 

*** NOT intended for use as a "chew" toy