Listen! Your dog is telling you, "Human, buy a Doghoztoyz for me!" Retired fire hose is repurposed into interactive tug and fetch dog toys. Whatever toy you choose, it will be tough enough for fun!

Tugger's Tug on top of a roll of retired fire hose
Gimble showing of his Tugger's Tug
Tug of war game with a Tugger's Tug

Tugger's Tug built with forestry fire hose, no squeakers

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Fun with a "Tugger's Tug" means your dog will shake it, throw it, tug it and it will come back for more! 

 This interactive toy comes with handles, made from "inch and a half" recycled fire hose. At a total length of about 28", the fire hose handles are large enough to fit an adult's hands in order to play "tug of war" with your dog.  Also available in a WITH SQUEAKER configuration.


 *** NOT intended for use as a "chew" toy