Listen! Your dog is telling you, "Human, buy a Doghoztoyz for me!" Retired fire hose is repurposed into interactive tug and fetch dog toys that float in water. Whatever toy you choose, it will be tough enough for fun, on land or water!

Graham's Ring sitting on top of double layer cut fire hose

Graham's Ring built from double layer fire hose. ** This toy floats!

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This ring toy had already passed testing, with flying colors, some robust tug and fetch play, "tug of war", and even a little bit of supervised gnawing. The goal was to put to use some retired double layer structure fire hose that was available. Then, along came a fellow named Graham, who "REALLY went to town", continuously gnawing on one of the toys in Doghoztoyz' regular product line. (none are designed for that much gnawing.) I said, "OK, let's try Graham's Ring with him." Sure enough, it held up much better to Graham's teeth! 

Graham's Ring, which is the same diameter as the "Tugger's Ring" toy (8 inches diameter) is built from two layer, 2 inch retired fire hose.   It does NOT come with squeakers. Color will vary; sometimes green and white hose is available, sometimes yellow or white is available. 

While this toy is extra heavy duty, it should still be used for supervised interactive tug and fetch play and will tolerate some gnawing. It is quite heavy (Tugger's Ring weighs 5.6 oz, Graham's Ring weighs just shy of 1 pound),  so only large breed adult dogs should play with this. ** This toy floats! So your dog can enjoy this toy in the water.